Yoga Styles Course 2021

The classic YogaOne Styles course again in 2021 with 7 seminars where we get in touch with the main yoga styles from the hand of specialized teachers and 2 days entry to the Global Yoga Congress 2020.

Alexis Simon Sabine Rösch, Eva Oller, Ambra Vallo, Jerome Burdi, Kat Chareon, Marjoleyne Harbert.


April 9, 10 and 11

May 7,8 and 9

June 4, 5 and 6

July 2, 3 and 4

September 10, 11 and 12

October 1,2 and 3

November 1, 2 and 3




Friday from 19 to 22

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Deepen your Yoga practice with this unique course, which brings you closer to Yoga from the perspective of 8 different teachers and lineages.

  • The perfection of the alignment and the use of the props with Alexis Simon (Yoga Iyengar)
  • The integration of all the paths of yoga in daily practice with Sabine Rösch (yoga Sivananda)
  • The integration of the meridians and the  5 elements in the practice of Yoga with Marjoleyene Harberts (Yin Yoga)
  • Adjustments and discipline with Eva Oller (Asthanga Yoga)
  • How to practice with devotion, opening the heart and taking the body to its maximum effort with Jerome Burdi (Dharma Yoga)
  • Innovative adjustments and demanding inverted postures with Ambra Vallo (Forrest Yoga),
  • Flow with the breath linking the postures with magic with Kat Chareon (VInyasa Yoga)

Course price:

  • Until November 5 € 850
  • Until January 5: € 900
  • Final price € 950

Possibility of payment without increase for the first 15 places: € 250 at the inscription and 6 payments (November to April) of € 100


Alexis Simon

Alexis Simon

Alexis Simon (Brussels, 1966) is an Iyengar yoga teacher certified in 1997 with more than 25 years of dedicated and dedicated personal practice. After several years of being completely immersed in the study of Iyengar Yoga in India (1993-2000) in Rishikesh and Pune (in the RIMYI), Alexis decided to dedicate his life to practice, study and teach yoga according to the teachings of Yogacharya Shri. BKS Iyengar. He is the founding director of the Iyengar Yoga Study Center in Brussels (now iyengaryogacentrebrussels) since 2005 and continues to go to the Iyengar Institute in Pune to continue his training and help in medical classes. In recent years, Alexis has been regularly invited to give intensive courses in renowned Dance Academies and Festivals for professional dancers such as SEAD Salzburg, Charleroi Danses Brussels, Impulstanz Vienna. Now she lives in Mallorca (Spain) where she directs classes, workshops and summer retreats. Alexis teaches in English, French and Spanish

Ambra Vallo

Ambra Vallo

Dharma Yoga / Rocket Yoga / Forrest Yoga Heiress of the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest and Sri Dharma Mittra, her goal is to guide others so that they can also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga on the body, mind and soul. Ambra was the principal dancer of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. He started with yoga to recover from the injuries caused by the demanding training regime of professional dancers. Apart from becoming a hobby, she was accredited as a yoga teacher to help improve and prolong her professional career. Slowly, over the years, he fell in love with the most subtle and spiritual parts of the practice. Ambra's teaching is fun and spontaneous, heiress of the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest and Sri Dharma Mittra. Their goal is to guide others so they can also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga on the body, mind and soul.

Eva Oller

Eva Oller

Eva Oller started practicing yoga in 1996. She is an Authorized Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and Sivananda Yoga. He received the title of Ashtanga Yoga directly from the hand of the founder of the style, the legendary Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. From 2002 he moved to the city of Mysore in India for 10 years, in order to deepen the teachings and the tradition of this deeply transformative discipline, both physically and mentally, and practice directly under the supervision and attention of Guruji and his family R. Saraswathi Jois and R.Sharath Jois. Eva is able to inspire and guide her students by fostering an in-depth understanding of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and its more meditative and healing aspects. Eva stands out for her way of assisting and helping in the personal evolutionary process. In her almost 20 years of practice, she continues to learn and share the wisdom of Yoga in a way that reinforces and inspires practitioners, awakening a deep love and respect such as she feels for practice, adapting at all times to real needs. and personal of each practitioner, providing a unique synthesis of Yoga, Philosophy and Healing. In his teachings he points to the importance of cultivating an attitude of coherence, humility, patience and dedication ... Deepening the magnificent connection between Body-Mind-Spirit through its daily practice is convinced that Yoga is the most complete exercise to keep the body in the best condition of Health and Wellbeing and thus be able to receive and interact directly with the forces of the life.

Kat Chareon

Kat Chareon

« It’s not touching your toes that counts, it’s the trip down » My love afair with yoga began over a decade ago with Ashtanga. I fell under the spell of the physical aspect (previous misconceptions of yoga being slow and boring were quickly put to rest!), which allowed me to reconnect with my body and its movement. At frst, it just felt good! It was my moment for me to breathe and move with consciousness in my body. Little by little, the practice of asana opened the door to a whole other facet far beyond the body, the undeniable link between body mind and soul: « treat your body well so that your soul wants to reside there ». My body was like a vessel that helped guide my mind through murky waters, allowing me to explore the unchartered territory within, to discover and accept what I found and ultimately to open me up to seeing new horizons. That’s when I understood clearly (and got the courage) to let go of a 15yr career, in which I was unhappy. It’s this ever evolving journey that continues to help me grow and surprises me everyday that makes me want to share and transmit what I’ve learnt and what I will continue to learn. Namaste.

Marjoleyne Harberts

Marjoleyne Harberts

Passionate about dance, which formed a large part of her childhood, she came into contact with yoga in 2004. Yoga One teacher trained in the 500-hour course, Dharma Hatha yoga and certified in Yoga Wheel, is also a Naturopath and Reflexologist trained by Ismet in Barcelona. She is a certified teacher in Yin Yoga and in 500 hours with Dharma Mittra in NY: Life is a great learning, and every being (human or animal) that crosses your path can be your teacher. For a moment or for a lifetime. I dedicate myself to accompany my students from the heart, opening myself to intuition. My style is the product of the teachings I received from teachers such as Om Ram, Dharma Mittra, Jai Sugrim, Sarah Florence, Twee Merrigan and many more with whom I have been fortunate to practice and that have helped me grow in this beautiful path where We are all eternal students. A path that invites introspection, research, humility and surrender. Every day is a new beginning, do we start?


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